Vehicle Dealer Insurance


Are you unnecessarily exposing your Auto or RV Dealership to liability? Maybe you’re a wholesale auto dealer. If you are not insuring your dealership appropriately, you may be putting your business and your very livelihood at risk. SL Specialty Insurance offers several coverage types through multiple insurance companies to keep your business in the clear.

Whether you are operating a new franchise RV dealership, used car dealership, buy-here-pay-here car lot, or a wholesaler working from home, you want to be sure that your business has the ultimate in protection. Most states require that all registered vehicles be insured, yet the vehicles on most dealers’ lots are not yet registered. Legally, the dealership is the owner, although most cars will switch hands quickly. Dealers need to purchase insurance that will protect them from liability. This means that the vehicles and the premise will be protected.

Most independent auto dealers opt for dealer policies that will cover incidents that might arise from accidents during a test drive, or when an employee or the owner causes an accident in one of the vehicles owned by the dealership. These types of insurance policies can also protect you from theft, flood, fire, and other damage like hail or wind.
In general, as a dealer looking for complete coverage, you should consider insurance to cover these basic scenarios:

  • Vehicles that you own
  • Vehicles consigned to your business
  • Vehicles that are on your premises for repairs
  • Loaner vehicles that you loan out to customers
  • Vehicles that you have recently acquired
  • Vehicles that are driven for business by your employees
  • Vehicles that customers test drive
  • Customer vehicles driven by employees

Our agency offers specialized insurance policies that are designed just for the unique coverage needs of Auto and RV dealers. We partner with several different top-rated insurers to ensure that you get the right level of insurance for your needs, based on your past experience and your current needs and most states expect car dealerships to maintain a separate policy for business purposes.

Applying for coverage is a simple, easy and brief process. We interview each customer individually so we can better assess your concerns and help you address any potential liability issues to which your business is currently exposed. This also gives us a chance to understand what you want from your dealer insurance program.

We are true experts in the insurance industry and are proud of the 30 years of combined experience we have when it comes to insuring dealers. It is our goal to talk with each policyholder when it is time to renew a policy so that we can look at any changes that the business has undergone. This allows your policy to evolve as your business evolves. Our agency has been focusing solely on offering insurance for Auto and RV Dealerships along with Auto and RV Rental Industry. We specialize only in writing insurance for a few chosen markets. Not writing insurance for all businesses allows us to focus our attention on you.

With SL Specialty Insurance, our customers are the most important part of our business. That’s why we offer top-notch claims handling around the clock. When you need us, we’re there. Period.

We are ready to write your new policy. Discover for yourself why SL Special Insurance is the insurance agency of choice for hundreds of Auto and RV dealers in the western region. Your next step is to call for a quote or contact us today or chose to fill out our short PDF dealer application found on our website.